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Refund to deactivated debit card?


I have a big problem.

Can I ask you, what will happen to a refund for a payment, made with my last Mistertango card?

Will I even receive it to my account?

The problem is, I am in a apartment from Airbnb with mold. I have to move out fast, but I can not be sure about the refund. Can I confirm Airbnb, that they can make the refund to my used payment option?

My payment option was my debit card closed on 1. November.

Please answer me as soon as possible.

Best Regards

Mathias Fröhling

 Hello, dear Mathias,

Thank you for your question.

Please be informed, that the refunds will be credited to your Mistertango account linked to the card despite the fact that the Mistertango cards were deactivated since the 1st of November.

So in this case, you can confirm, that Airbnb can make the refund to your used Mistertango card.

If you have any further questions - please contact us.


how long it takes to show the refunded amount in my account?

The refund was sended 10 days ago (5. November).

Best Regards

Mathias Fröhling


the refund is still not on my account.

Airbnb confirmed the refund was carried into effect.

Is it sure, that the deactivated card is still matching my Account?

If yes, why is the refund not arrived yet?

Best Regards

Mathias Fröhling

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