In order to enable the card payment option on your e-shop additional request needs to be filled-in (application is attached on this article).

In regards to card paymentswe apply rolling reserve, what means that a portion of the credit card volume processed will be secured to cover for the potential business risk relating to chargebacks.

Hold back reserve: 5% for 180 days. Every week we reserved 5% for 180 days until the sum of income will reach 500 EUR.

Full KYC on the merchant.

Pricing for the card payment service is 1.5% for EU issued cards and 3% Non-EU issued cards.

Right now, we only accept merchants that are registered in Europe.

We will contact you to inform if your request has been approved after we will review your application.* 

* Unfortunately some high-risk business models are not applicable for the card acquiring service e.g. financial institutions, adult products, drug paraphernalia of any form, gambling etc. Other business models will be evaluated during the application process.