We are happily informing You that we are offering a Premium Support service. So what is Premium support? Premium support is one dedicated person who will work to complete all Your requests and needs in the shortest possible time. This way we will be able to cut the lines for the misunderstanding and different communication channels which causes this misunderstanding.

What is most important it will work directly as Your agent with our AML/COMPLIANCE team which will help You to provide information about the transactions and receive needed information much faster.

The Premium support and dedicated person will:

1. Will provide You with the direct channel communication

2. Answer in the shortest period of time possible

3. if the problem requires IT team help, a dedicated person will provide You the newest information on Your case

4. Putting Your problem as priority

If You have any other questions or acquire this service plan, please contact the Mistertango team - suppoer@mistertango.com